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Monday, September 16, 2019

Talk about reminising!!

Good morning to you!!  How are you today?  Hope your week is off to a great start!  I sat down to work on my TO DO list this morning with a cuppa coffee (black with no cream and or sugar...more about that later!) in hand and a healthy dose of determination to be extra productive this week!  I want to get lots accomplished and I need a plan!  I am such a plan/list person!  Are you a list maker?  I often have a trillion and 4 things bouncing around in my head and if I don't get them down on paper...LOL. 

 First thing on my To Do list today is to blow the dust off of this blog and get it buzzing again.  I have spent a lot (and I do mean a lot!!) of time scrapping lately.  See, I am on a mission to get my albums in order, so that I can pass all of that goodness on to my family at some point.  I want pictures in books.  I want stories to explain those pictures and I want it all in a pretty, but tidy orderly system (OCD much?!  Little bit! Hey!  I am who I am!).  I started scrapbooking in my early 20's and quickly gave it up as the size of my family increased!  Ironic, because as it grew my feelings of wanting to capture and document every little thing also increased, but my time and energy level was definitely taking a hit!  Now though that I have a few years (ahem!) behind me and more free time on my hands, so I am revisiting the whole scrapbooking thing with a fiery passion to make it happen!  I am quite behind (about 25 years, but who's counting!), but I love a good challenge!

Despite my nutty need to create order from chaos I am not scrapping chronologically! Instead, I am pretty much jumping around all over the place.  I am working on 8 separate albums and am trying to roughly balance getting pages into each one at a fairly equal pace. (No chaos there...hah!)

All of that to explain that the pages I am sharing today took place about 20 years apart!!  The first set of pages are of our first born child's first day of school and the second set is of our first born granddaughter (his kiddo!!) on her first day of school!!  *Oh the feels!!*  Take a look:

 Our kiddo attended K-3rd grade and after that we became a homeschooling family!  He had a wonderful Kindergarten teacher and a good year!  These pages show his first day and a few days throughout the year  I found the fun titles on Design Space and cut them out using my Cricut.  I carried the colors from the titles through the rest of the page.

Here he is on his first day with his Aunt!  They are close in age and I was happy she was able to go in with him!  They are pretty good buddies these days in case you were wondering!

Page one!  I matted all of the photos, but alternated the colors.  I think that kind of makes your eyes dance around the page taking everything in.

Not going to lie...getting all of these teensy pieces glued down individually was a bear, but I was super pleased with the way it turned out!  I doodled a few little dots onto the star to add a little extra personality! 

The coordinating title!  Also, tricky to glue down, but so worth it in the end!  More polka dots , but with a white gel pen this time!

And on to his daughter's first day of school pages:

 The photo shows our little Kindergarten-er all grown up with his little Kindergarten-er!

Our little Grand did a great job with her first day as well!  She was excited and a little bit terrified!  She is such a sweet, fun, neat kid!!

I went bright with the colors!  I started out with one sheet of that fun rainbow striped paper and cut the center out (hidden behind the white piece) and used it on the other page!

I cut out the alphabet letters with my Cricut and glued them across the top creating a partial border.  I added a few stamped stars on both pages. 

Cut by my Cricut!

 The crayons are also from the Cricut.  I cut them in colors similar to the stripes in the background pieces and pieced them all together. 

 I added a few hearts and stapled them in place both to keep them secure and for a little bit of visual interest.

There you have it! Two sets of pages that came to life 20 years apart!  Both sets of pictures and pages tug gently on my heart strings!  This is my why for scrapbooking! (Insert big heart here!)

Ok, my coffee cup is empty so it is time to move on to my next To Do for the day!  On a completely unrelated note I have started intermittent fasting and am switching my lovely creamer filled coffee to black coffee.  So, far...not a huge fan (of the coffee, the if isn't too bad at all!)!  The coffee isn't the worst thing, but isn't my favorite either!   

I am off!  Have a great day!  I will be back soonest with more to share!

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