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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Mixing it up a little bit!

Hey there!  Hope your weekend has been full of good stuff!  Manage to get any scrapping done?  I was on a roll...printing pictures and getting them ready to add to pages and then albums and then the saddest thing happened!!  My trusty little photo printer went belly up!  It printed a mottled picture, sputtered a bit and then just died!  It has been a wonderful printer, but I think it has printed it's last photo!  Sigh!  I tend to get sentimentally attached to my technology, so I am feeling sincerely sad.  That little printer is partially responsible for all of these scrapbook pages I have been cranking out! It will definitely be missed!  I have ordered a new one, and am working to get a few pages finished up while I wait.  Take a look:

 This gorgeous little guy is our grand kiddo!  His Mom and Dad took him out a did a whole fun photo shoot with him and were awesome enough to share the photos with me!  He is such a cute little guy!  He loves the water and felt right at home sitting on these rocks by the creek!  I love how all of these photos turned out, so I wanted to include as many of them as I could.  I wanted it to be a special display though, so I decided to wrap a couple of traditional type scrapbook pages around a pocket page!  These are the traditional ones:

First page!  I used my Cricut to cut out the trees, sunshine, rocks and the title.  I added some depth to the trees and the page background by using a sponging technique.  (Details below!)

Page four!  Isn't he just the cutest little thing?  I made a  creek side field of grass by cutting a strip of green card stock and cutting into it to create a look of unkempt grass!  I layered it behind 2 layers of torn card stock; which gave me the look of flowing water.  I tucked in some creek rocks  and the trees to create a whole woodsy scene.

I added my date and a few green enamel dots to pull the whole thing together.

I used dimensionals to raise a couple of the trees up off of the page creating depth and more of a 3D look and feel.

As mentioned, there were a lot of great photos and I wanted to incorporate them all, so rather than doing several more traditional pages I grabbed a pocket page and filled it right up!

Side 1/page 2

Side 2/page 3 I thought it would be a nice touch to have his Mom and Dad each write him a little note which I will add in later. :)

How'd I do that?

To transform those flat trees I used a template and a sponge and ink pad to add some dimension.  I simply sponged upwards to get this look.

Here is a before and an after!

Here are all 6 trees all sponged up!

I did the same to create a cloud filled sky.  First I cut out a cloud shape and then sponged around it moving it several times around the page.

It is subtle, but adds dimension to the background!

Here are the finished outer pages one more time:

I hope that you enjoy the rest of your weekend!  I will be back soonest with lots more to share!

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