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Monday, September 30, 2019

Let's read!

Are you a stop and take the time to smell the roses kind of person?!  Do you pay attention to the little things?  My youngest son has an eleven month old.  Anyone that has or has ever had or dealt with an eleven month old knows that their typical attention span is about 37 seconds!  Not their fault!  They have a million and one things to learn and they want to do it all at record speed!  My son's kiddo is pretty much in constant motion now that he is on the move on his own. I was lucky enough to catch this sweet, rare moment though where they were enjoying a book together!  Warms my heart to see these sweet life moments!  (This is the really good stuff, people!!) This kiddo already enjoys books, so he sat still for almost a full three minutes to absorb this one and this time with his Dad.  Take a look:

I created my own background for this page and will share that how to below.  I matted my photos on a white and then a kraft color and raised them up off of the page to make them really stand out.  I use craft fun foam sheets to do this with.  I don't usually scrap against a dark background, but I really liked the contrast here and decided to just go for it!

I made a small embellishment cluster off to the side of the photos.  I layered these fun little paper ephemera pieces and also raised the sentiment up off the page.  I drew lines to add my journaling to.

I added a thicker (thick sticker!) letters title to the page bottom!  I actually tried two other titles before I settled on this one, but they just were not working.  Once I got this one in place and was a happy camper, I stapled each letter in place; both because I worry about them coming loose and because I really like the look of staples on a scrapbook page.  This page came together fairly quickly for me today!  That is always a nice thing!

Ok, want to know how I made that fun background?

I started with 2 contrasting pieces of paper. 

I cut 1/2" off the top and the right hand side.

Then I cut it into 1" strips!

I spaced them out and adhered them to my base piece and voila! I had a quick and easy background to add my photos and decorations to. Fun, fun stuff!  Give it a try.  It is a great technique when you are feeling stumped and want to jazz things up in a flash!

Ok, I am off to scrounge up some dinner!  We have had a couple of busy, busy days and I am running on empty!  I will be back very soon though with tons more to share!  I am hosting a 31 day sketch challenge over on my FaceBook page for the whole month of October!!  If you'd like to play along, we would love to have you!  Click below to join the group!

Have a great night!  Scrappy love to you and you and you!

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