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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Just park playin'!

Well, hello!  Remember those days when you could just waste all the minutes away guilt free hanging out playing and having the best time?!  Kids are such amazing reminders to us that we should enjoy our time...all the minutes. They sure do!  I finished up a page today of one of our grands doing just that. I love to see him just enjoying the little things.  At that age they may not necessarily realize that is what they are doing, but they do seem to appreciate the things we now take for granted!  They feel the sun on their faces and they love that the grass is soft enough to roll in and bugs are simply fascinating!!  We get so wrapped up in worrying about paying the bills and what to cook for dinner and do we have enough toilet paper to get the job done?  We should really take a lesson from kids!

Here is the page I worked on today and the how to's in case you'd like to make one yourself!

I used a fun technique that I call Flat pinwheels to make these cute little embellishments.  I will walk you through how to do it below, but first the details about this page.

I made the 3 pinwheels and glued them in place.  I double mounted the photos using the same green from the base layer.  I added the piece of white to break up the page and did a little bit of stamping to grungy it up a bit.

Here they are all together.

These are really easy to make, but look complicated!  Those are my favorite sorts of embellishments.  I topped each one with an enamel dot that matched the colors in the kiddo's shirt.

I cut my title using my Cricut and added the little white accent dots with a gel pen.  This page came together very quickly!

Want to know how I made those flat pinwheels?  Let's get started:

Theses directions are for making a large pinwheel.  You can make any size that you would like though!  The ones on the page above start with 2 3/4" x 2 3/4" bases.  This one starts with an 8 1/4" x 8 1/4" base.  You will need two of them.

Next choose 2 pieces of patterned paper that you feel play well together.

You will need to cut 8 4" x 4" squares (2 from each pattern).  The small squares on the scrapbook page above measure 1 1/4" x 1 1/4".

Layer your base pieces like this creating a star shape.  Glue in place.  This will be your base and your template and you will see it, so make sure that the color goes well with your patterned papers.

Start by laying down one square using the corner as your guide.  DO NOT glue in place yet.

Add the next square partially on top again using the corner as your guide.   DO NOT glue yet!  We are going to dry fit all of the pieces before we commit to gluing them down.

Continue to work your way around the star alternating pieces and continuing to use the corners as your guide.

Keep adding!

The last piece that you add will look like this.  You are going to have to tuck it under the first piece. Once you have them all in place and you are happy with the way they look you can begin gluing them in place. 

This is what it should look like once it is finished.

Now you can add it to a scrapbook page! 

Ok, I am off to get my day rolling! Take a few minutes to think back to simpler times and make an effort to appreciate those little things!  It will improve your day...I promise!  

I will be back soonest with more to share!

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