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Thursday, September 26, 2019

I am a Mom!

I am a Mom!  It is the most amazing, exciting, exhausting, challenging, trying, difficult, rewarding, frustrating, wonderful thing I have ever done and quite honestly will probably ever do!  It consumes your every waking thought!  It requires that you pay very close attention to everything all of the time! You have to be the person with all of the answers (Why are clouds sometimes white and sometimes gray and can I touch one?!), the person able to slay that monster under the bed (Because you are the world's bravest person!), the patient chef (Kids are always hungry and usually don't want the first thing you make them!), the accountant (Allowance allocation and budgeting advice for that toy they can't live without!), the voice of reason (Why are all of the other kids allowed to do it?!), the chauffeur (Because the list of endless activities all require a ride!), the life facilitator (They need a lot of organizing...a lot!!), the entertainer (Mom, I'm boooooored!!), the engineer (Who else is going to build that double decker fort?!), the maid (They tend to leave stuff everywhere!), the....I think you probably get the point and if you are a parent yourself can name another dozen or more need to be's! It's all good though!  Through it all you teach, you preach and you hope with your whole heart that they are absorbing enough of it.  You don't get them for that long before they spread their wings and leap!  You watch as they rush toward their own lives just like you watched as they took those first shaky steps; holding your breath now just like you did then.  Sometimes you watch them fall down and it takes everything in you to not pick them up, but instead just assure them it's ok as they dust themselves off and you encourage them to try again! You want everything for your kids!  You want them to have an easy time of it and you want them to find true happiness and you want them to excel and shine in whatever direction they have chosen.  Being a Mom is super hard, but super rewarding!  

My kids are mostly grown now and my sun still rises and sets with them.  They are truly my heart and I hope that they find that happiness and shine just like I knew they could!  Ah, the feels...

My page today is of my kids!  They are silly and goofy and fun and when they all get together they usually have a pretty good time!  This is one of my favorite photos of the 4 of them!  I made this page and then made 4 more; one for each kiddo's album and one for the family album.  Take a look:

It's a simple page, but it speaks volumes to me!  It was taken in the Fall, so I carried that through the color scheme.  I alternated strips of different patterned papers to fill in the background.  I did some light stamping and then stamped a sentiment.  I like to include stamping on most of my pages.  I used my Cricut to make the title and added the date along the picture's edge.

I stamped the leaves and then colored them in with watercolor pencils.  I cut them out and just when I was feeling pretty good about them I crumpled them up!  I wanted them to look weathered and that seemed like the best way!  I smoothed them out and glued them to the page! I wanted them to look like they were cascading down the page. I added gold glimmer paper both behind the sentiment and as three little accent dots randomly.  I like the subtle touch that adds.

Here they are all together!  I just have to add my journaling and they will be album ready!

If you made it this far, I appreciate you!  I was feeling particularly wordy today and it may have spilled over a little!  Thank you so much for spending this time with me!  I look forward to our next visit! :)

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