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Friday, September 27, 2019

Handsome little dude!

Ever sit down to scrap a couple of pictures and the page practically comes together on it's own?!  That happened with my page today!  I was short on time, so planned to just get a rough layout in place and finish up later, but this one just happened...ka-bam! LOL  I managed to get the whole thing done in about an hour and that includes fighting with getting the teensy little letters glued in place!  (I have really got to invest in some of those super sharp tipped glue bottle dispensers!) *makes mental note!*  Ok, on to that page:

This is one of our Grand kiddo's!  He is wide open and so much fun!  He is full of energy and has cute just rolling off of him. (I am totally smitten with this kid!)  He is a real charmer!  He was hanging out with Mom and enjoying some ice cream here; just having a good time and a good day!  Nothing extraordinary about these pictures (Other than he is cute, cute, cute!!), but the more I scrap, the more I realize that it's these every day simple moments that make the best pages!  

I kept this one simple.  Layered a piece of wood looking patterned paper along the edge to mimic the picnic table in the photos and left most of the page white to add the photos to.

I double matted my photos to make them stand out.  I used my Cricut to cut out these hearts and then simply stapled them in place where I wanted them.  I went with the closest color I could find to his hoodie in the pictures.

Also, used my Cricut for the title.  Added a fun little blue (from the color on his hoodie!) heart and stapled it in place as well.  I added some subtle little polka dots to the title letters using a white gel pen to give them some personality!

I grabbed a couple of background stamps and 2 shades of brown ink and grunged up the page background.  It's a nice way to fill in the white space without over shadowing the photos.

I loved making this page!  To me, this is what scrapbooking is all about!  Capture those moments, get them on film and in an album for your peeps to look at and reminisce over for years to come!  That is the good stuff people!!  Do you scrap?!!  Never too late to start!

Ok, I am off to be super productive!  We have a full, full weekend ahead of us and I have much, much to do's to get to done!  Have a super Friday!  I will be back soonest to visit with you!  

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