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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Box it in!

Good morning!  How are you today?  Feeling scrappy by any chance?!  I sure am!  I am on a roll with my pages lately and am really excited to share a couple of different, fun pages with you today.  This is not my original idea, in fact when I came across this neat thing it had nothing to do with a scrapbook page!  I saw this on a greeting card and played with it until I was able to translate it to a scrapbook page...yay me!  Have I mentioned that I do love a good challenge!  I am not even sure if this technique has a proper name, but we are going to call it "Box it in!" for today's post!  This is a fun way to highlight a photo (or memorabilia, or a quote, or...you get the picture!) Take a look:

This is a 12 x 12 scrapbook page.  I used a 12 x 12 sheet of paper to create this frame!  I will include  a picture tutorial down below if you would like to make one too!  This gorgeous little creature is our granddaughter!  We were fortunate to be able to 'borrow' (her choice of words!) her for a weekend recently and we had the best time!!  I wanted this page to be soft and pretty; just like that sweet kid!  I went with pinks, creams and browns and threw in some bright green. 

I tucked her photo into this frame.  Once I stick it into a photo sleeve it will loose some of it's lift, but will still showcase the photo (my real focal point!) quite nicely!  

 I added some flowers that I created using punches and gave them each a sparkly gem.  I did some embossing on the flower centers and used the same embossing folder to emboss the brown strip running down the side of the page.  This was a really fun page to make!

I had such a good time with it that I wanted to try to make another.  Since I was feeling froggy though I changed the size of my "Box it in!" frame by using a smaller piece of paper.  This allowed me to squeeze a couple of extra photos onto the page!
 This page features another of our Grands!  This kid is so sweet and a little wide open!  He keeps us hopping (and laughing!).  I went with a blue and grey color combo for this one.  I pulled the blue from his shirt in the photos and mixed in the greys to soften the page.  I punched and added several circles to the page to give it a fun feel.

 I also stamped some light grey circles in the background to fill in some of the white space.  My journaling tag was cut from a large die cut and I sponged the edges to make it stand out a little bit!

 I used my Cricut for the title and once I glued it in place I added a few little polka dots to give the letters some personality! 

Here are the how to's if you would like to create a Box it in frame for your pages:

Start with a square piece of patterned paper.  Find the center and make a mark. (I used a ruler and measured down both sides and made marks and then laid my ruler across those marks and marked the center of that line.) I started with a 12 x 12, so did all of my marking at 6".

Next fold one corner in to the center mark. Crease all of your fold lines well!

Repeat with the opposite corner.

Repeat with the other two corners.

Now fold one of the points back until it meets the edge. Crease your fold well!

Repeat with the other 3 sides until you have a frame shape like this one!  No need for glue as this box will hold it's shape on it's own!

Ok, I am off to get some stuff done!  Hoping to finish up 4 different pages that I have in the works today!

Have a really good day!  I will see you right back here tomorrow!

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