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Monday, September 23, 2019

1 already?!

Hello there!  Happy Monday to you!  Were you able to get any scrapping done over the weekend?  My scrapping came to a screeching halt Saturday when my printer died on me! *noooooo!* I have since gotten a new one though and am back to business!  I have a couple of 1 year old (the kid not the pages! LOL)  birthday pages to share with you today.  I love seeing these pages because messy cake faces make me smile every time and this kid did not disappoint! Take a look:

 Look at that face!!  I had a really good time with these pages!  I pulled the color combo straight from the icing on the cake! I stamped the background with matching blue and green starbursts and added green stripes along the bottom edge to make things feel a little more grounded.  I embossed the stripes as well as the large number 1 and the pennants in the banner to give a nice balanced, cohesive feel to the whole spread.

I made the banner by hand cutting each little pennant and then embossing them.  I glued them in place and then doodled a string, so they didn't look like they were just floating!  I carried them over to page two, so the party could happen on both pages! 

I added a string to the base of the balloon bunch for a little bit of visual fun!  My balloons are all cut in pastel colors as not to distract too much from the photos.  I wanted them to be a fun side feature. but not the focal point.

I cut the title using my Cricut.  It was a premade design.  I also used the Cricut for the cake.  I had to cut each color separately and then piece them all together.  I love doing that!  It is very Zen for me!

Close up of the balloons.  They were also a Cricut design.  I cut each color and then assembled them as well.

Close up of the banner!  This is a nice way to add a frame like feel to your page!  It frames the pictures and makes it feel like a completed page. 

This sweet little guy just celebrated his 3rd birthday, so I am a bit behind with these pages!  I am trucking along though!  I am on a mission to get my family scrapbooks caught up!  One day at a time, one page at a time! 

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I always enjoy visiting with you!  Have a great day and hey...scrap a page or two!  You won't be sorry! :)

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