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Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Day dreamer!

"Mom, Dad, guess what? You're going to be Grandparents!!"  Uh, whuuuuut?!!  This was news we were super surprised to hear!  We didn't think we were ready to be grandparents...we were too young, too busy, too unprepared!  (And did I mention too young?!!)  We had just barely finished raising our own kids!  Then our first grand kiddo made an entrance into the world and guess what...none of that silly stuff mattered!!  I was knock your socks off, loss for words, overwhelmed, over joyed and 110% head over heels in love!!  She was amazing!  She was beautiful and she was perfect!  She stole my heart and I couldn't be any happier!!  Then we had 2 more equally amazing, wonderful, beautiful grands (and now 2 more adopted additions!!) and my heart is so full!  Simply put.....Grands are grand as can be!!

My page today is all about one of those Grands!!  This kid keeps me hopping and grinning from ear to ear!  He is funny and sweet and a little bit naughty!  He is all boy and such a great little guy!

 Here is his page:

Lots going on here!  I stamped, I sewed, I punched...oh my! I wanted it to have a bit of a dreamy feel, so I went with a subtle color scheme.

I added a trail of stars running from the top corner diagonally to the bottom corner.  I stamped some splatters underneath going for a stardust kind of feel.  I alternated blue and kraft strips of paper and embossed lines into the kraft paper.  

I added my title on a matted circle and sewed through the letters to keep them in place.  I stamped on the circle with matching blue and kraft colored ink and added dots to the scallops and some smaller circles and hearts.  I think lots of tiny details make the page feel more finished.

I added a second matching circle for my journaling.  

Here is the finished page one more time:

I have been having the best time scrapping!!  I have been reminded of so many wonderful memories.  I have been using up my stash of hoarded supplies!  I am making a ton of progress and getting my albums all in order! It feels pretty great!!

I hope that you will make some time to get some scrapping done too!!  Holler if I can answer any questions or do anything to help get you started!! :)  

Have a super day! I will be back soonest with more to share! 

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