Welcome to my little ole' scrapping blog! I am so glad that you stopped by! I have decided to take on the challenge of telling my story and I am so excited that you have stopped by to check things out! This blog will feature lots of scrapbook projects and lots of stories from my day to day! I look so forward to getting to know you!

Sunday, June 2, 2019

Sweet smile!

Hello there!  How is your weekend going?  Hope you are having a good one filled with lots of happy!  So far my weekend has been really nice!  I was pretty productive (which in itself always makes me pretty happy!) and I was still able to spend some time putzing around in my scrap room! 

I spent some this morning in my crafting space finishing up a page that I started yesterday! This one took me a little bit of time, because I just could not decide on the placement of every thing! I must have moved things around a ga-zillion times before I was finally happy with it!  Take a look:

That adorable little is our grand daughter!   She is nothing short of fabulous!  She was our first and I have to admit that when I found out I was going to be a Grandmother I might have pee'd on myself a little!  I wasn't ready...at all!! First off, I wasn't prepared to understand how to love a tiny, new, little being as much as I loved her Father (our oldest!).  I had no idea how that worked!  Also, too young!!  I was too young!! So not ready to be a grand-anything!!  Well, let me tell you something...that tiny, little, amazing being was born and the mili-second that I laid eyes on her I was a goner!  My heart immediately started filling up with so much love for her!  She was incredible! She was beautiful and smart (I could tell that from the beginning!) and all those questions and fears I had just quietly  faded away into the background.  She had me with that very first glance!  I was totally smitten and we resolved the whole "Grandma" thing by renaming my new role to "Grams"  and I cannot begin to tell you how happy it makes me to hear the little voices of all our grands  
call me "Grams!" I have totally figured out that love thing too!  It is a different kind of love that you have for your own children, but just as big and just as wonderful! Ah, the feels!

Ok, on to the page!  

I started by choosing my colors.  I had recently seen page sketches using a ring of flowers and knew I wanted to attempt that thing!  I figured without some sort of pattern though that my circle would wind up looking like a lop-sided egg, so I found a plate the size  I wanted my circle and drew myself a template! Then I went to town making flowers!!  I had the best time!!

Once I felt like I had enough to choose from I started by laying them out! I arranged and rearranged and rearranged again!  Then I rearranged again!  I really wanted the flowers to be a WOW thing, but also didn't want them to upstage the pictures; which are the stars of the show!!  Once I was happy with my circle of flowers I tucked in my photos.  They were blending into the background though, so I grabbed some black and white paper to matte them and that did the trick! They popped right out of the circle!     I added some leaves (which I stamped before I punched out!) and sprigs all over the place and it all just kind of came together.  Then I tucked in a few butterflies.

I added some very light stamping in the background to subtly fill some of the white space and then added a bold title.   Topped that with a couple tiny hearts and then added some pencil lines for my journaling.  I really enjoyed making this page!

Here it is one more time!

I must admit that I started scrapbooking again because I wanted to get our stories told!  I was all business!   I wanted to make sure that my kids and their kids would be able to look back through their albums and know how very, very much they are loved. I wanted them to be able to piece together stories and relive their memories. I am, however, loving the process!! I am enjoying doing this for them so much!  It  is allowing me to take my own walk down memory lane and do some reliving of those fond memories myself.......this is the good stuff, people!!  Document those stories!!  Gather those pictures and write some notes about them!!  I promise you won't regret it!

I have started a Facebook group in hopes of getting other folks as excited about getting back to scrapping as I have been. We would love to have you join us there!  Click this link:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!  I will be back tomorrow with the first page in my Make it Again Monday series!  See you then!!  Big, group hug!


  1. LOVE your flowers and this page is absolutely gorgeous!

    Camille is recovering nicely, so I'm hoping to do some cleaning in my studio and then time to get back to scrappin'!

    1. Thank you so much! Glad to hear Camille is on the mend! Can't wait to see your pages! :)