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Sunday, June 23, 2019

Playing outside!

Hello there!  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  I just finished spending a few hours playing in my craft room and have a fun layout to share with you today!  Do you ever use sketches as a starting point for your scrapbook pages?  They are so much fun and can be really challenging or a real project saver when you feeling like your creative muse has flown the coop!  I used one today for my scrappy page and decided going in that I liked it so much that I was going to stick very closely to it without much variation.  Take a look at the sketch:

Here is my page:

 Only real change I made is that I changed the star to hearts and chose a different spot for my journaling.  I also added a fun little border element to the right side of my photo.  I honestly had forgotten how much fun it is starting with a sketch!  I went with one of my favorite color combos and repeated it throughout the whole page.  I added a little date spot and did some very minor stamping on my white strip.  I am discovering that to me a page just doesn't feel quite finished until I have done some stamping!

Close up of some of that layering!  I punched many, many of those arrows and layered and glued them one on top of another to give the page some texture.

Top half!  More layering.  Lots going on here, but the colors play very well together, so it doesn't feel too busy.

I used some cute gold stickers for the title.  I was concerned about them sticking it out for the long haul though, so ran them through my sewing machine.  Those little guys aren't going anywhere now.  I like the contrast of the gold in the title and the pinks and greens.  I wanted to keep the feel of the page nice and soft.

Here is the finished page one more time.  I love this picture of my sweet oldest daughter and am really happy with how this paged turned out!  She is all grown up now and raising a little one of her own.  Time sure does fly.  

One more page down!!  I am really excited to be making scrappy progress!  Each page gets me closer to my goal.  Wooo hooo!

Little bit of weekend left, so I am going to close the door on my craft room (you know to hide that mess! LOL) and get some things done around the house.

I love that you stopped by to visit and want you to know that I appreciate you!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!  I will be back soonest with more to share!

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