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Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Make it again Monday...a wee bit late!

Hello there!  I'm late!   I'm late for a very important date!!  I do have my very first Make it again Monday page to share with you, but I am sharing a day late!!  (If you are new here, Make it again Monday is a series I am starting where I plan to re-do a page from my old albums and share both the old and new layouts here with you!)   I have a very valid excuse though...it was hard!!  LOL  It wasn't nearly as hard to disassemble an old page as a I thought it would be, but it was all kinds of hard re-creating it!!  Honestly, I am not sure why.  I think I felt a little bit of pressure to get it exactly right.  I had a really tough time making it come together and found myself getting a little bit flustered, so I walked away! I literally pushed in my chair and turned off my light and left the room!   Later I found myself thinking about why it felt so hard and realized that I was being silly! I love to scrap! I love the process and the playing and (usually!) the final result!  Once I decided to just have fun with it,  I gave it another shot and was able to pull it all together!

Ok, I am going to show you the old page first!  Now remember!! I made this about a ga-zillion years ago when it was really cool to cut your pictures into shapes (UGH!!) with funny edge scissors (NOOOOOO!!!!  Say it isn't so!!).  Also, to wear big floppy bows in your hair (Wait! I still like that!).  Ok, no judging! (LOLOL)

*****DISCLAIMER!!!!!  Before we see the old page.....PLEASE note that I am not claiming to necessarily be any better,  I am just saying that I feel more comfortable with the style I have evolved into over the years and want that to be in my scrapbooks!! Ok, on to the regularly scheduled programming:

Here you have it in all of it's border edge cutting scissor glory:
Yikes!! Just yikes!!  Cute kid though!!  Hubby and I were just babies ourselves in these pictures!! My goodness did this ever take me back!

Here is what it looked like once I started disassembling it!

Since I was having a hard time getting started I decided to use a sketch that I found on Pinterest to spark some creativity.  It is a Page Map sketch and they are just awesome to offer up some inspiration!  Here is that big guy: 

And here is my new page using the old photos:

It looks a little different. I still managed to squeeze most of the pictures back on, but I feel like they flow better now!  It feels easier on the eyes to me and simply put just more fun!  I cleaned up all of the border edges and gave everything a nice smooth edge.  I kept the color scheme the same and added some visual texture by tearing my paper and dry embossing the tag.  I stuck pretty true to the sketch, but did add a few of my own little touches.   I stamped the background with a little polka dot stamp to fill in some of the white space.

Here is that tag.  I added a banner which I sewed into place using my sewing machine. I added several circles to soften up all the hard edges of the square pictures. I raised some things up using fun foam and added a lined tag so I can add my journaling.  I cut my title out using dies and cut them in both patterned paper and plain black card stock.  I offset them and glued them into place, so they would appear to have some depth and a shadow. 

I cut these pieces from several different different Project Life cards and pieced them all together to make my own embellishment clusters.  I love doing that!

Here is a side by side comparison of the old and the new.

The new page one more time:

I know there is a lot of controversy over re-doing old pages and I did put a lot of thought into this before I started.  I came to the conclusion that I have more to offer now as a seasoned crafter than I did twenty *mumbles some number!* years ago and I am pretty darn comfortable with my decision!   So, to that I say let the scrapping begin!!

I hope that you have a wonderful day!   
 I will be back soonest with more to share and I look forward to seeing you soon!

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