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Monday, June 10, 2019

Make it again Monday!

Hello, hello!  Hope your Monday is treating you well!  I thought I would stop by and share my Make it again Monday page with you!  If you are new here, MIAM is the day that I choose a page from an old album and give it a modern updating!  Just for the record, I do realize that I am making it a gazillion times harder on myself to catch up, but I am having so much fun updating these pages!  I am feeling excited about scrapbooking again and look forward to getting my albums all in order!  It feels pretty amazing to be getting my pictures in albums and the stories that go with them told!  My page today is from my oldest son's album and I am the first one to admit that it was kind of nutty originally!   Just take a look at the old page: 

When I sat down to re-do this page I wanted to kick myself!!  I cannot believe that I cut the ONLY set of these pictures that exist into A) shapes and B) with border scissors!!  AUGH!!!  What was I thinking?!! I am sure that at the time it was a great idea...you know all the rage...but upon reflection I just really want to thump myself in the forehead!! LOL    Honestly, it bothers me the most because I feel like I lost a lot of details about the pictures because I cut so much away! PLEASE don't get me wrong!  I am NOT  saying that there is anything wrong with shaping your photos or using the fun border scissors!!  I am by no means criticizing the old page.  I just feel like my style has changed a lot over the years and I really want my albums to reflect that.

On to the new page:

 I wanted to keep and re-use all of the photos from the original page, but I wanted to clean them up first.  I gently pried everything up from the original page and cut off all of the borders leaving behind a nice rounded edge.  I was able to keep the circle shape for most of them, but cut ovals from the heart photos.  I also wanted to lighten up the photos some, so I matted each one against a piece of white card stock.  That helps to make them look brighter and makes them look more grounded and less like they are just floating in space.

Here they are side by side:

I gave the new page a border and filled most of the white space up with color.  I went with a nice traditional baby boy color scheme and traded out the clown for a sweet little teddy bear!

Here is that sweet teddy bear!  I raised him up using fun foam and tucked a little banner with my son's age on it underneath him. You can also see some of the layers I used here.  Using my machine I sewed around the large yellow piece.  I also embossed the light blue piece of card stock that is running across the whole page.  All of these things add lots of fun visual interest to the page.  

Here are more of the layers that I used on the side.  I also stamped polka dots on both the yellow piece of card stock and the blue one.

I created my own embellishment by layering scraps!

I made a running chain using all of the pictures.  I raised a few of them up to give the page some more dimension.

I am really happy with the way this new and updated page turned out!  Fun, fun, fun!

Have you scrapped anything lately?  Today would be a perfect day for it!  If you are feeling overwhelmed by the whole process or only have a teeny bit of time, start slow!  Pick your pictures today and a few pieces of paper!  Tomorrow you can add to it and so on until you have created a whole page!  It took me almost 3 solid weeks to make my first page once I started back!!  I just worked on it when I felt inspired or had the time.  Then I finished and that felt great!!  One page done and on to the next!!

I have started a Facebook page to offer all sorts of inspiration.  If you would like to check it out, click the link below:

We would love to have you join us!

Ok, I am off to scrounge up some dinner!  Have a great day and I will see you back here soonest!


  1. I feel like you did about wanting to re-do the old page because your "style" has changed!! That really overwhelms me a lot! BUT, my kids photos are out of the old magnetic albums and chronologically in envelopes to (one day) add to albums. Instead, I have been working on 1) my grandchildren's pictures, in no particular order; 2) my scrapbooking "journey" and some old vacations from the 1980's into a "project life" style album. Besides that, I do a few other crafts like tags, dex cards, and other projects...Love the new look of the page!! Can't wait to follow your "make it again" pages!!!

  2. What a huge difference. Yes, most of my older pages look like yours lol. I tried to go back to redo but then realized I love seeing how far I've come and left them alone. One day maybe, but that is a huge project! I'm not even caught up from last year.