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Thursday, June 13, 2019

Let's start at the beginning and some photo organization!

Well, hello there!  Are you swimming in photos up to your eyebrows?!  I have been feeling lately like I am and knew that the only shot I had at getting these scrapbooks going was to start to get my photos all organized!  So, I gathered a bunch of baskets and labeled each one and started going through my printed photos box by box by box!  It literally took me all day long to get them sorted, but I did it!!  Phew!!   Now that they are all in their respective boxes I plan to go through each box and group them together by event and then attempt to get them into a chronological order.  That way when I am ready to scrap everything will be together and ready to hit the pages!

This is what my basket sorting system looked like!  I am feeling pretty good about this so far, but will feel even better once the project is caught up! This doesn't, however, even touch all the non-printed photos I have on my phone, laptop, and  misc hard drives etc.  One project at a time, one project at a time, one pro....  LOLOL

I did make a little time today to work on a few pages!  These are the beginning pages in my oldest kiddo's album.  They are more about the stuff I collected though and are very light on the pictures.  I felt kind of limited with what I could do with them creatively, but still felt like they were important and wanted to include them.

This includes a certificate from the hospital the day he was born and this was our very first family picture! I gained 70 pounds with that little guy (I was a house!!), but couldn't have been any happier than when I first laid eyes on him!!  My entire world flipped upside down that very minute and I knew right then and there that he had just made the world a better place by being in it and me a better person for having him!  I also saved my hospital bracelet and added that to this page.  

I stamped polka dots in the background and sewed along the banner at the top and the strip on the side.  I went with the traditional soft yellow and blue color scheme.  I matted the photo and raised it up using fun foam.

This is the other half of the spread.  It includes the note from his hospital bassinet, the announcement we sent out, a strip from my contraction sheet, the cards that came with the flowers our parents gave to us and an announcement that went into a newsletter.  Same color scheme, polka dots and sewing.

The sweet baby in that picture will be 30 next year!!  Time goes by so fast.  Seems like we were just watching him take his first steps and now he has a beautiful child of his own!  

I am really excited to be scrapping all of these wonderful  memories!  How are your scrapbooks coming along?  Hope you are taking that walk down memory lane too!  

Have a great day! I will be back soonest with lots more to share!

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