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Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ah, that sweet toothless grin!

Well, hello there!  Hope that your week has gone well!  It is just about time to gear up for the weekend!   Got any big plans?!  Going to do any scrapping?  I am still eyebrow deep in organizing my printed photos.  I have them all divided into people categories now and am attempting to get 1 person's box sorted by theme and then age order a day.  It is a huge job!!  I know it will make scrapping so much easier though once it is done!  One day at a time, one photo at a time!

On another note,  I found a little time to finish up a scrapbook page today that I started yesterday.  I must admit that it feels pretty great to be getting these pages done and in albums (even if I am slower than molasses on cool day!).  Here is my most recent page:

 I had so much fun making this page!  I feel like I say that every time! LOL  This one just kind of flowed out of my creative head space though and went right together!  I wanted a nice soft feel for the page, so I kept my colors mostly pastel with a little bit of darker green for some contrast.  I wanted a pretty background, but these pictures are definitely the star of the show and I didn't want to detract from them.  If you look closely, you can see the circle flower wreath in the background.  I used my Cricut to cut out most of these pieces, but then went back and added a few extra flowers and leaves.  I mounted my white base onto a soft green background and distressed all four sides.  I added a torn strip to the left hand edge and a small single matching strip of paper next to it to break up some of the white space.  I also used that same patterned paper to mat my stamped sentiment next to the photos.  I stamped the background with a splatter stamp in a light brown that matches a few of the little twiggy looking sprigs that I tucked in and around the wreath.  The pictures are the same, but I popped the smaller one up using fun foam to make it stand out just a little bit. I added three butterflies diagonally across the page to give the feeling of flow.  I raised their wings and also curled up the petal of my daisies for some texture.

Here is a close up of that sentiment.  I ruffled the edges of it too to match the background piece.

Here are a couple of those butterflies and you can see the stamped splatter here too.

The bottom corner shows the last butterfly and my torn edge and matching stripe.  Lots of little details going on here, but I think that adds so much visual interest and fun to a page!

Ok, how'd I do that?! 

I started by using a plate and drew a circle on my background piece.  (Sorry about the stinky lighting.  It is overcast and about to rain here...again!)  

I poked a hole in the center and carefully cut out the circle.

I cut all of these out using my Cricut and then using the pieces they came from as a template I pieced them all back together puzzle style around the hole I just cut out!

Then I mounted the whole white piece onto that fun green piece.  This is where I added the extra flowers, sprigs, and butterflies!!  Just kind of layered and built the page from there.

Here is the completed page one last time.  I left some journaling lines in the bottom right hand corner for my notes and then this will be all done and ready to add to the album!

Have I mentioned lately how much I am enjoying scrapbooking again?  It is bringing back so many wonderful memories and I am feeling very good about getting all of these pictures in albums and stories documented!  This is important stuff!  If you are considering starting I would highly recommend it!  If you are looking for some inspiration we would love to have you join our Facebook group.  You can find that here:

Have a great day and go make some memories!!  I will be back soonest with lots more to share!  

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