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Saturday, May 25, 2019

Youngest born beauty!

Hello there! How are you on this fine Saturday? Hope you are doing well! Today is the first day of a long weekend; which to me sounds like a perfect excuse to haul out those scrapping supplies!!

  So, as I have mentioned I have decided to re-do my 4 children's scrapbooks. I am on a mission to get them not only redone, but also caught up  (Well, you know as caught up as one person can be in a hobby that is never ending! LOL)  I made a page yesterday featuring my youngest child. This kid is nothing short of amazing!  She is smart and funny and full of spunk and ambition!  We are so proud of her for so many reasons. I literally could not stop myself from grinning as I made this page of her.  Take a look:

I really wanted to make a page using a starburst pattern.  I love the way they look and was surprised by how simple it was to create!  I have already decided that I am going to make several more!  Also, is that kid not adorable?! 

Ok, how'd I do that?!  Let me show you!!

I dug out 5 different pieces of paper (4 patterned and 1 solid) that I thought would play nicely together.

Then I cut 2 rectangles 3" x 7" from each piece. 

I cut each in half diagonally by lining opposite corners up on the cutting track of my trimmer.

Like so!

This is what my pile looked like.

I started with a sheet of 11.5" x 11.5"  plain white card stock. (I later layered that on to a 12" x 12"piece of card stock.)  I found the center and marked it with a small dot.  I used that as my starting point.  I started by placing the tip of my first triangle in place on that dot. Then I chose a pattern and laid them all out (BEFORE ADHERING ANYTHING DOWN!!) leaving a small space in between each one.  I wanted the white to peek through, but you could lay them against one another if you prefer.

Now it is time to glue all of your pieces in place.

This leaves an open space in the center,  but I planned on covering that up with my photo. So, no worries!  Stress free scrapping for the win!

Once everything was stuck down I flipped that guy over and trimmed off everything that stuck out past the edges. 

This is what it looked like!  I just think this is such a fun technique!!  Ok, this page is all ready to be dressed up now!

Here are some extra details about my embellishments:

I added three daisies to the page.  I find that adding things in odd numbers is the way to go visually.  It offers a feeling of balance to your project.  I assembled the flowers using a punch. I punched out 3 for each flower and layered them. I added embossed circles for the center; again adding some more visual interest to the page.  I stamped some leaves and tucked those and some punched sprigs in all around the flowers.

Using my handy, dandy stapler I added a banner with the number 19 on it. This is small detail, but part of the over all story.  This picture was taken on this sweet girl's birthday.

To make my title I used some rub on's that have been in my stash forever!  (Extra points for using up my stash!!) I did my rubbing on, but felt a little uneasy about them showing wear over time,  so I covered the whole thing in clear packing tape!   The word hello is a die cut (also from my stash!).  Using my machine I sewed on a couple of the triangles for another fun little detail.  I added a tiny little banner, rhinestone and heart to my journaling card too.

Here is one more look at the finished page!  

Be on the lookout for a few more of these, because this technique left me feeling all kinds of warm and fuzzy!

Also, wanted to share with you that I have started a Scrapbooking page on Facebook called:

We'd love to have you join us! Just click that link to come hangout for some scrapping inspiration and fun! 

Hope you can find some time to get some scrapping done this weekend!  Be sure to stop back by! I have lots more to share.


  1. I sure thought this technique was going to be HARD!! But you made it look and actually BE easy peasy!!! I will have to find a really cute photo of my granddaughter and try this. Thanks for sharing! Enjoying your FB page and all the ideas and great layouts...now that my "other" projects are done, for now, I need to get back to scrapbooking!!!

    1. Thank you! Your page turned out absolutely beautiful! Thank you too for always being so encouraging! You are a ray of sunshine sweet lady! Big hug!

    2. Love this layout! Could you explain about the papers again? Did you lay them out on a 12x12 or 11x8.5. Thank you got shaing!

    3. Fawn, I did lay them out on a 12 x 12. Holler if you have any other questions! :)

  2. I've just discovered your blog, love love love your layouts. This one with the pretty starburst effect is definitely my favourite so far. In a family of mostly boys, I have a little granddaughter I'd love to recreate this for!
    Karen x

    1. Hi there Karen! Thank you for the kind words! These starburst pages are so much fun to do! I'd love to see your page when you finish! :)

  3. I sure wish I had read this before I did my sunburst page! I didn't because I had planned to use a printed sunburst page I had already--but it had a life of its own and it carried me away!!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful! I found you through Facebook. When I saw this challenge, I knew I was going to have to try this technique! Thank you for all you do for us. Hugs! Fawn��