Welcome to my little ole' scrapping blog! I am so glad that you stopped by! I have decided to take on the challenge of telling my story and I am so excited that you have stopped by to check things out! This blog will feature lots of scrapbook projects and lots of stories from my day to day! I look so forward to getting to know you!

Thursday, May 16, 2019

What in the world is scrapbooking, anyhow?!

Yes!! I am a scrapbooker, but what exactly does that mean?!  Are scrapbookers those nutty folks that take pictures of every little thing and try to match the paper they buy (which they buy in bulk by the way!) to the clothes of the people in the pictures? Yes, yes they are!  Are scrapbookers the folks that buy all the pretty matching embellishments and fun new tools to make their eventual pages pure perfection?!  Yes, again!!  Are scrapbookers the folks who lay awake at night dreaming up possible layout configurations for the latest batch (think 374) of pictures they snapped today?  Wholeheartedly yes!   Are scrapbookers the people who sometimes buy more patterned paper, shiny sticker things and lovely die cut pieces than they could possibly ever use in a life time? (*in chorus*) Sing it sistah...yes, yes, yes!!  Are scrapbookers simply the folks that care enough about something that they take the time to snap a picture or two?  Yes to that one also!!  A scrapbooker can be anyone that wants to remember a person or a time or an event, so they capture it for later reminiscing!  You don't necessarily have to spend your free time plastering your photos etc into a book for later perusal, but it sure is fun!  My point being that *you* just might be a scrapbooker and you don't even know it yet!  More about that later!

 The Merriam-Webster's dictionary definition of scrapbooker is:


scrap·​book·​er | \ ˈskrap-ˌbu̇-kər  \

Definition of scrapbooker

a hobbyist who creates scrapbooks of photographs, clippings, journal entries, etc., typically as a way to preserve personal experiences and memories
Scrapbooking is simply a way to collect the stories and images from your life and the lives of those that matter to you and document them!  You can be an elaborate scrapper and design, decorate, and embellish until your heart sings out happily or you can be the kind or scrapper that simply adheres down a picture or two and writes the briefest set of words to recreate the story for the viewer!  Both are incredibly important and also not for nothing, but quite satisfying!!  If you do not consider yourself a scrapbooker I would ask that you hang out here for a while anyhow!  Give me and the whole loony process the benefit of the doubt and stay long enough to see what it is all about! You will read me say it (LOL...that sounds funny, but it is true!) over and over.  There is so much value in getting your stories photographed and or written down!!  They will mean so much to someone some day!

I plan to share my scrapbooking processes, struggles, accomplishments, adventures and progress here with you!  I hope to encourage you to tell your stories too; one way or another!  I will be posting some challenges and some prompts to help motivate you and get you scrapping soon! I am still fine tuning this little ole' blog, but those will wind up falling on the same day each week. Right now I am thinking maybe Thursdays.  I look so forward to getting to know you and see your scrapping progress too!

Thank you for visiting! Come again soon! Much love!


  1. Hi, came from your other blog. I feel exactly the same way, have been wrestling with my guilt that my 5 kids have no finished scrapbooks :( shortly after I started scrapbooking, I co-owned a scrapbook store when my first 2 kids were 5 and 3. They are now 22 and 20 and I have literally never finished a book. I have always put all kinds of stuff ahead of scrapbooking, I started Project Life in hopes of getting stuff done and then got into swapping cards and it took up a mega chunk of time. I keep moving from time sucker to time sucker, now it's Stampin' Up. I asked for a Selphy for Christmas, so I wouldn't have the huge Shutterfly orders that I never deal with, another excuse not to get scrapbooking done, 500 pics at a time, geesh daunting. Best of luck in your endeavor! Will follow for encouragement, lol. Laura

  2. Hiya Laura!! Big hug!! I say throw away those feelings of guilt and start fresh now! Print one picture at a time and do one page at a time! No stress! (I keep reminding myself the same thing over and over!) I have decided that they key to getting this done is feeling no pressure and sincerely enjoying the process. I know it sounds a little cliche, but it's what is working for me! I'd love to have you hang out here with me! Let's encourage one another! We can totally make this happen! :)