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Thursday, May 30, 2019

Grateful every day for you!

Hello there!  So, scrapbooking...I am finding out that there truly is so much more to it than slapping a few pictures down on pretty paper (Ooooh that pretty paper...be still my heart!).  Someone asked me recently why I am getting re-involved in scrapping.  They asked if I thought it was worth all the time it took to make it happen.   That question got me thinking (hard!!)!  Time is a tricky thing.  We all get the same 24 hours in a day. What we choose to do with it is up to us.  After much thought I decided that my answer was a resounding YES!!!  I am in the process of collecting and preserving my life and my wonderful memories for my children, my family and myself.  I want them to be able to haul out a book full of wonderful memories and fun times. I want them to be able to read about how amazing their Mom thinks they all are!  I want them to be able to read stories and reminisce with each other.   I want them to know they mattered then and they will always matter!  *Ohhhh the feels!*  I  have been searching through a lot old photographs and it has brought out a lot of laughter and warm and fuzzies and some tears and so much appreciation for my beautiful family.  It has re-enforced yet again to me how incredibly fortunate I am. My sun rises and sets around my family!  So, scrapbooking....yeah it is so much more than slapping down a few pictures on pretty paper and it is most definitely worth every minute that I invest in it!

Ok,  enough wordy words, on to my page today.  This one features my oldest son.  He is handsome and smart and funny. Goodness it feels like we were just bringing him home from the hospital yesterday!  He was the sweetest child.  Always very mature for his age and often quite serious.  He was putting full sentences together very early and never ceased to amaze us with his very full vocabulary!  He was such a fun kid.  He always made me smile when he was little and he still does!  Take a look:

This is a 12 x 12 single page.  I struggled a little bit with this page because I wanted it to have both a masculine feel and a mature feel, but I didn't want it to feel too stodgy.  I did a lot of rearranging and adding and removing of different elements and finally decided to keep it more on the simple side.  I am happy with the final result though.

I started out with this color pallet. It was a little more green than I saw it being in my head originally, but threw caution into the wind and went with it anyhow!  (Wooo....I am a wild woman!) I cut apart the squares to create my own background and reserved  2 single strips for the border pieces.  I used the white card stock as my base.

I absolutely love to stamp on my layouts!! Today I stamped the lined borders and the sentiment about being grateful. I think it just adds such a fun element to a page.  Do you stamp on your pages?!!

I created this cluster by punching and layering circles and all of the sentiment pieces. I tucked a piece of torn paper in between everything to break it all up.  I added a few enamel glitter dots and the arrows are all punched and layered three times each.  I tore the edges of the papers to create a little bit of visual interest.   Always adds a little fun when there is extra texture on the page.

I did lots of layering on this page. I also distressed some of the paper edges and added some torn white card stock under a few of my squares to balance out the page.  I used a dark blue color as accent and mat pieces and to pull from the color in his shirt.

Here is the finished page one more time. I really enjoyed making this layout!

I really appreciate you stopping by!  It has been so much fun to scrapbook again! I have lots more pages in the works too!! I have started a fun new Facebook group to offer and collect inspiration! I'd love to have you join us!  

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 Hope to see you soon! Have a great day and happy scrapping!  

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