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Friday, May 17, 2019

Getting started again after all these years!

Hello there! So, when I said in yesterday's post that I was a scrapbooker what I actually meant was that I got my scrapping start 20-some (*mumbles some indistinguishable number!*) years ago!  See I had this absolutely gorgeous little boy and I just knew that every single thing he did was going to be earth shattering and scrapbook worthy, so I started taking pictures! I took pictures of him awake and asleep and falling asleep and eating and playing and bathing and saying his first words and crawling an....I guess you get the gist!  I knew I needed to do something with all of these photos, but had no idea what!  So, as you can imagine,  I was super excited when a friend invited me to a Creative Memories scrapbook party!  Honestly, I had no idea what to expect, but man oh man was I hooked from the very beginning!  Not only were those folks going to sell me albums to put my ga-zillions of pictures in, but stickers and brightly colored papers and punches and stencils and oh my!!  I discovered that not only could I safely compile my photos into a single place, but that I could pretty them up too!!  Be still my creative heart!!  I was a goner!!  I scrapbooked like a mad woman!  I glued,  I cut (my pictures into strange shapes....noooooo!!!  More on that in another post!!) I punched and I stenciled!!  I wrote my heart out on those pages!!  I loved the process and I loved the end result! A scrapbooker was born!

 Then....I had baby #2! She was absolutely beautiful and now I was Mommy to two, which meant much less free time!  Then baby #3 and #4!!  (both stunningly beautiful as well!). I had exactly zero time to myself at this point and therefore no time to scrapbook. I was lucky if I could even muster up the strength to pull out a camera (no cell phone camera convenience then!) let alone take 50 of the best shots ever!   Sadly, my scrapbooking journey came to a screeching halt and the pictures just started to pile up in drawers and in boxes.  Over the years, I dabbled here and there, but nothing too consistent and certainly nothing that I was as excited about. I made peace with it though, because I knew that one day I would have the time to get caught up! 

Guess what...it is one day!  My sweet babies are grown now and most days my time is my own!  I have decided that I am going to tackle the enormous project of catching up those albums!   Now though, not only are we lucky enough to have those 4 beautiful kids, but we also have 3 amazing grands too!  Lots and lots of work ahead of me, but I do love a good challenge!

So, it was time and I was feeling ready to give scrapbooking another go.  I decided to get my scrapping feet wet again by starting with a fairly current set of photos of one of our grandchildren.  I gathered up a ton of supplies and set out to make my first page in many years!  Here is the lovely little lady in question and here is what I came up with:

She totally rocks my world!

I have decided to scrap in the 12 x 12 format. I tend to take a lot of pictures and like to use several on a page, so that seems like the best fit for me.   I feel like more pictures help to tell the story.  I went with a pale purple background and did all of the artsy goodness on a plain white piece of card stock. I stamped, I fussy cut, I water colored, I sewed...oh my!

Lots of details went into making this page!  I started by stamping my blank page with a flower stamp.  Then I hand stitched each flower using cross stitch thread and then water colored inside of the stitching.  I stamped the little clusters of dots in the background to fill some of the white space.  I punched the butterflies from a beautiful piece of patterned paper and scattered them throughout.

I pulled the purple gingham from the shirt my grand was wearing and found some patterned paper that matched. I backed a couple of the photos with it, but also tucked it under this ripped and tattered corner piece. 

 I distressed all of the edges to add some extra visual interest. I stamped and fussy cut one additional flower to layer on top of the photo collage.

Here are some more details about the how to's for this page:

I stamped flowers randomly on the page in a pale pink color.

Next I poked holes in every stamped image.

Using different colors of cross stitch thread I hand stitched each flower.  It was a bit time consuming, but kind of therapeutic!

After all of my stitching was done I water colored the insides of the flowers and stems.  Once dried I added some glittery shine to the centers using Stickles.

This is the watercolor set I used. I got it from Amazon. Fun stuff!

Here is my finished page one more time:

So, in making this page I discovered a few things!

1) It was harder than I thought it would be. A 12 x 12 canvas is more challenging to fill than a standard sized card.  

2) It took longer to make than I expected!  I am a slow crafter!  I am definitely going to have to pick up the pace if I have any plans of getting caught up!! LOL

3) I loved every minute of the whole process!! I felt so accomplished to finish that page and tuck it into her album.

4) I am already excited about starting my next page!

Are you ready to haul out some supplies and a couple of pictures and start or work in your album?! Let's do it! 

I so appreciate you stopping by!  Come back soon, because I have lots more to share! Have a wonderful day!


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