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Monday, May 27, 2019

Another starburst page and an awfully handsome fella!

Hello there!  I hope that you are enjoying this lovely holiday weekend!  It is very quiet at my house right now,  so I am taking advantage of the time to get some scrapping done! It is funny to me that as I have gotten older I have learned to really appreciate the quiet moments in life.  For me, that is definitely a thing that has come on as I have matured (sounds so much nicer than aged, doesn't it?!).  I don't mind a quiet room or some reflective time, but in all honestly do find myself missing the chaos and craziness that was our lives for so many years!   With 4 kids we always had something nutty (and often loud) going on and I LOVED it!  A buzzing, bustling house full of energy and happy sounds always made my heart feel full and made me feel incredibly lucky!! 

Ok, on to the reason you stopped by!  I have another starburst page to share with you today.  This one features my youngest son. This kid is so sweet and thoughtful!  He is the best hugger and always has a 'punny' joke to tell. He is smart and handsome and funny and just so happens to save lives for a living.  He is a Paramedic!  He's a great kid and we are so proud of him!  Take a look:

                                   I used the same starburst technique as on my last page, but this is a little different variation!  I only starburst-ed  (Yes, that is a highly technical term!) half of the page! I left the other half of the page open for some stamping and a bit of a side border.  I started by choosing 5 colors that wanted to share the same page and made my bursty triangles. If you are interested in how I did that you can check that out in *this* post.  I laid them out and then before I adhered anything down I used my ruler to draw lines where I wanted my bursts to end. My big plan was to kind of frame the picture on the inside using them.  I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. 

I matted and raised my photo off the page using fun foam.  I made my own embellishments by punching several hearts and arrows out and gluing them one on top of another to make them more sturdy than just the one layer.  I sprinkled those throughout the page trying to keep them balanced looking. 
I drew lines on each of my starburst pieces to give them a little more definition.  I left a little bit of space between the pieces to let the background peek though.

I did some light stamping on the page too.  This was as close to a title as I got on this page.

I am really loving the look of the starburst design.  You can probably expect to see a few more (I still have kids left! *snort, giggle, grin!*) from me too!

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Ok, I am off to work on a few more pages!!  Next Monday will start my Make It Again Monday series where I share with you an old layout and its made again updated version!

Have a great day and happy scrapping!

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