Welcome to my little ole' scrapping blog! I am so glad that you stopped by! I have decided to take on the challenge of telling my story and I am so excited that you have stopped by to check things out! This blog will feature lots of scrapbook projects and lots of stories from my day to day! I look so forward to getting to know you!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Welcome October!

Well, hello there!  Happy October to you!  Have you made any scrappy plans for the month?  I have set myself a goal of completing 20 pages!!  Woooo hooo!  I figure at this steady rate I will be up to date on my scrapbooks approximately May 23rd of 2064! *insert dry chuckle here!*  I am on a mission to get 8 separate albums in order and caught mostly up to date!  That is no small task and when I sit and actually think about it, it makes my left eyebrow twitch just a little bit! I am, however, truly enjoying  the process of getting these in order and every page I scrap brings back some really amazing memories!  That's a big part of my why!  I want to leave these memories for my peeps to be able to relive also!  Pictures and their stories are just so important!!  I mean it is what makes us who we are and what makes our lives so full!

I have a fun FB group that is all about the scrapping!  This month I have thrown down a sketch challenge!  I will post a new sketch every day to get folks motivated, inspired and booking on their albums!  So, that means I have a couple of pages to share with you today.  So far I am 3 for 3...go me, go me!!  Take a look:

This page didn't photograph as well as I think it looks in person.  The colors played really well together and it just feels like a really warm, sweet page to me.  I think some of that got lost in this photo.  This is one of our sweet grand kiddos.  If you frequent here you may already 'know' him!  I turned the photo into a black and white one using a fancy schmancy editing app.  There are lots of layers on this page; which always makes for visual interest!  Gotta love that!

I embossed a few of the things on this page to add some extra texture and I went with some plain paper and some patterned.  Three banners layer nicely against the other larger pieces.  I also sewed a border around the largest layer.

I stamped a sentiment on one circle and embossed the other.  This really helps to make things stand out!

I embossed this 3rd thing to create that 'triangle' shape on the page.  This banner matches one of the other banners too.  I love that match-y match-y feel!

I added a scalloped border along the bottom edge and used my Cricut to make my title.  Once in place I added those fun polka dots to each letter.  It just adds that extra little something.

On to page 2:

This was a page from an original album that I re-did!  The first page just lacked that Easter feel, so I thought I would jazz it up a bit!  I used  pastel-y Easter colors and grouped the photos all together.  Lots going on here!

I used my Cricut to make the title and again added the polka dots.  I sewed a straight seam along the bottom edge of my border piece to make it look more interesting.

I used my Cricut to make that cute bunny and all of his eggs!  This was our first kiddo's second Easter, but the first one he was big enough to enjoy!  I think I was as excited as he was about his first little Easter 'basket'!  Easter baskets were always a big thing in our house!!  It's one of the bittersweet things about your kids growing up!  Those silly little things don't get done as often; although I still try to sneak in surprises here and there for them!

I will share day 3 in another post!  Right now I must run!  My to do list is loooong today and I am already feeling a tad behind!  I hope that you have a wonderful day!  I will be back soon with lots more to share!

Monday, September 30, 2019

Let's read!

Are you a stop and take the time to smell the roses kind of person?!  Do you pay attention to the little things?  My youngest son has an eleven month old.  Anyone that has or has ever had or dealt with an eleven month old knows that their typical attention span is about 37 seconds!  Not their fault!  They have a million and one things to learn and they want to do it all at record speed!  My son's kiddo is pretty much in constant motion now that he is on the move on his own. I was lucky enough to catch this sweet, rare moment though where they were enjoying a book together!  Warms my heart to see these sweet life moments!  (This is the really good stuff, people!!) This kiddo already enjoys books, so he sat still for almost a full three minutes to absorb this one and this time with his Dad.  Take a look:

I created my own background for this page and will share that how to below.  I matted my photos on a white and then a kraft color and raised them up off of the page to make them really stand out.  I use craft fun foam sheets to do this with.  I don't usually scrap against a dark background, but I really liked the contrast here and decided to just go for it!

I made a small embellishment cluster off to the side of the photos.  I layered these fun little paper ephemera pieces and also raised the sentiment up off the page.  I drew lines to add my journaling to.

I added a thicker (thick sticker!) letters title to the page bottom!  I actually tried two other titles before I settled on this one, but they just were not working.  Once I got this one in place and was a happy camper, I stapled each letter in place; both because I worry about them coming loose and because I really like the look of staples on a scrapbook page.  This page came together fairly quickly for me today!  That is always a nice thing!

Ok, want to know how I made that fun background?

I started with 2 contrasting pieces of paper. 

I cut 1/2" off the top and the right hand side.

Then I cut it into 1" strips!

I spaced them out and adhered them to my base piece and voila! I had a quick and easy background to add my photos and decorations to. Fun, fun stuff!  Give it a try.  It is a great technique when you are feeling stumped and want to jazz things up in a flash!

Ok, I am off to scrounge up some dinner!  We have had a couple of busy, busy days and I am running on empty!  I will be back very soon though with tons more to share!  I am hosting a 31 day sketch challenge over on my FaceBook page for the whole month of October!!  If you'd like to play along, we would love to have you!  Click below to join the group!

Have a great night!  Scrappy love to you and you and you!

Friday, September 27, 2019

Handsome little dude!

Ever sit down to scrap a couple of pictures and the page practically comes together on it's own?!  That happened with my page today!  I was short on time, so planned to just get a rough layout in place and finish up later, but this one just happened...ka-bam! LOL  I managed to get the whole thing done in about an hour and that includes fighting with getting the teensy little letters glued in place!  (I have really got to invest in some of those super sharp tipped glue bottle dispensers!) *makes mental note!*  Ok, on to that page:

This is one of our Grand kiddo's!  He is wide open and so much fun!  He is full of energy and has cute just rolling off of him. (I am totally smitten with this kid!)  He is a real charmer!  He was hanging out with Mom and enjoying some ice cream here; just having a good time and a good day!  Nothing extraordinary about these pictures (Other than he is cute, cute, cute!!), but the more I scrap, the more I realize that it's these every day simple moments that make the best pages!  

I kept this one simple.  Layered a piece of wood looking patterned paper along the edge to mimic the picnic table in the photos and left most of the page white to add the photos to.

I double matted my photos to make them stand out.  I used my Cricut to cut out these hearts and then simply stapled them in place where I wanted them.  I went with the closest color I could find to his hoodie in the pictures.

Also, used my Cricut for the title.  Added a fun little blue (from the color on his hoodie!) heart and stapled it in place as well.  I added some subtle little polka dots to the title letters using a white gel pen to give them some personality!

I grabbed a couple of background stamps and 2 shades of brown ink and grunged up the page background.  It's a nice way to fill in the white space without over shadowing the photos.

I loved making this page!  To me, this is what scrapbooking is all about!  Capture those moments, get them on film and in an album for your peeps to look at and reminisce over for years to come!  That is the good stuff people!!  Do you scrap?!!  Never too late to start!

Ok, I am off to be super productive!  We have a full, full weekend ahead of us and I have much, much to do's to get to done!  Have a super Friday!  I will be back soonest to visit with you!  

Thursday, September 26, 2019

I am a Mom!

I am a Mom!  It is the most amazing, exciting, exhausting, challenging, trying, difficult, rewarding, frustrating, wonderful thing I have ever done and quite honestly will probably ever do!  It consumes your every waking thought!  It requires that you pay very close attention to everything all of the time! You have to be the person with all of the answers (Why are clouds sometimes white and sometimes gray and can I touch one?!), the person able to slay that monster under the bed (Because you are the world's bravest person!), the patient chef (Kids are always hungry and usually don't want the first thing you make them!), the accountant (Allowance allocation and budgeting advice for that toy they can't live without!), the voice of reason (Why are all of the other kids allowed to do it?!), the chauffeur (Because the list of endless activities all require a ride!), the life facilitator (They need a lot of organizing...a lot!!), the entertainer (Mom, I'm boooooored!!), the engineer (Who else is going to build that double decker fort?!), the maid (They tend to leave stuff everywhere!), the....I think you probably get the point and if you are a parent yourself can name another dozen or more need to be's! It's all good though!  Through it all you teach, you preach and you hope with your whole heart that they are absorbing enough of it.  You don't get them for that long before they spread their wings and leap!  You watch as they rush toward their own lives just like you watched as they took those first shaky steps; holding your breath now just like you did then.  Sometimes you watch them fall down and it takes everything in you to not pick them up, but instead just assure them it's ok as they dust themselves off and you encourage them to try again! You want everything for your kids!  You want them to have an easy time of it and you want them to find true happiness and you want them to excel and shine in whatever direction they have chosen.  Being a Mom is super hard, but super rewarding!  

My kids are mostly grown now and my sun still rises and sets with them.  They are truly my heart and I hope that they find that happiness and shine just like I knew they could!  Ah, the feels...

My page today is of my kids!  They are silly and goofy and fun and when they all get together they usually have a pretty good time!  This is one of my favorite photos of the 4 of them!  I made this page and then made 4 more; one for each kiddo's album and one for the family album.  Take a look:

It's a simple page, but it speaks volumes to me!  It was taken in the Fall, so I carried that through the color scheme.  I alternated strips of different patterned papers to fill in the background.  I did some light stamping and then stamped a sentiment.  I like to include stamping on most of my pages.  I used my Cricut to make the title and added the date along the picture's edge.

I stamped the leaves and then colored them in with watercolor pencils.  I cut them out and just when I was feeling pretty good about them I crumpled them up!  I wanted them to look weathered and that seemed like the best way!  I smoothed them out and glued them to the page! I wanted them to look like they were cascading down the page. I added gold glimmer paper both behind the sentiment and as three little accent dots randomly.  I like the subtle touch that adds.

Here they are all together!  I just have to add my journaling and they will be album ready!

If you made it this far, I appreciate you!  I was feeling particularly wordy today and it may have spilled over a little!  Thank you so much for spending this time with me!  I look forward to our next visit! :)

Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Let's walk!

Are you a picture taker?  Do you try to capture life's little moments in still shots to hold on to for just a while longer?  I sure am and I sure do!  Always having my phone in my hand makes that so much easier to do now too!  I try to photograph not just the big main events, but also those sweet little moments that would otherwise just fade away.  I consider the picture below to be exactly one of those life moments.  This makes my heart feel so full!  This is a picture of my husband and our Granddaughter.  We had the privilege of keeping her for a weekend recently, so we tried to make the most of our time.  First stop was the zoo and I was able to snap this shot of the two of them walking and having a fun conversation!  (On a side note, this kid is soooo smart and so much fun to talk to!)   I want to remember this always and this page will help with that!

It was a beautiful day and the colors were so vibrant!  I wanted to pull that feeling and those colors into my page!  I decided to make some flowers and toss in a few butterflies.  I made the strip of grass by simply cutting into it all the way across and fluffing it up a bit.  I fussy cut the butterflies from a sheet of patterned paper and adhered them down, but only in the middle so they had some lift to them.  I also added a date along the right hand side of the picture, but did that after I snapped this picture!

I had the best time making the flowers.  I wanted something playful and fun feeling.  I have included a picture tutorial below in case you would like to make some of your own.  

  I used scraps to make all of these!  Using up scraps always feels like win win to me.

I added some subtle stamping around each butterfly.  This both helps to give them a look of movement and helps to fill in some of the white space on the page. 

I used my Cricut to cut the title!  It was a bear gluing it in place, because the letters were so thin, but I was happy with the end result.  This was a really fun page to make!!  

Ah, good times! 

Would you like to make some of those flowers for your pages?  Here's how:

Start with some strips of paper and a circle.  I used 1/2" x 4" which gave me about a 4" flower.  You can make your flower smaller or larger depending on the length of strips you use.  Longer will give you a bigger flower and shorter will give you a smaller flower.

Fold each strip in half and secure at the ends.

Do this with all of them.  You can also use as many or as few as you'd like. For a fuller flower use more and for a more sparse flower use fewer strips.

Begin gluing them in place behind your circle.

The back will look like this.

Here is a finished flower.  

Flower #2:

For the next flower cut out a heart shape. You can do this by folding a piece of paper in half and drawing half a heart on the fold.  Cut that out.

Once you unfold your heart will will have a perfectly proportioned heart to use as a template.

Cut out a pile of hearts.  I used 2 different patterns.  You will also need a circle to glue them to. Fold each one in half.

Start gluing them on top of the circle with the point touching the middle.

Continue adding and gluing them open side towards the fold each time.

Keep working your way around the circle.

Once they are all in place add a center to your flower.

On to the last one:

You will need 2 large circles and 1 small one.  They can be scalloped edged or plain or a combination of both.

Cut about halfway in and move over slightly and cut again.  Repeat, moving all the way around the circle.

It should look like this once you are done.

Layer them on top of each other and glue in the centers. You can fluff them up by scruching them a little!  Be gentle though, because they will rip! 

Add a center to your flower!

Here they are all together.

Add some scrappy stems and leaves and you have yourself a garden!

Here is my finished page using a few of these types of flowers one more time.

I have a dinner date with the Hubs tonight, so I am off to go get cute!  I hope you have a great night!

Remember to snap those pictures of the little things!  They are so important and you will love being able to look back and remember all those special little non-event moments!

I'll be back soonest with more to share!