Welcome to my little ole' scrapping blog! I am so glad that you stopped by! I have decided to take on the challenge of telling my story and I am so excited that you have stopped by to check things out! This blog will feature lots of scrapbook projects and lots of stories from my day to day! I look so forward to getting to know you!

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Playing outside!

Hello there!  Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!  I just finished spending a few hours playing in my craft room and have a fun layout to share with you today!  Do you ever use sketches as a starting point for your scrapbook pages?  They are so much fun and can be really challenging or a real project saver when you feeling like your creative muse has flown the coop!  I used one today for my scrappy page and decided going in that I liked it so much that I was going to stick very closely to it without much variation.  Take a look at the sketch:

Here is my page:

 Only real change I made is that I changed the star to hearts and chose a different spot for my journaling.  I also added a fun little border element to the right side of my photo.  I honestly had forgotten how much fun it is starting with a sketch!  I went with one of my favorite color combos and repeated it throughout the whole page.  I added a little date spot and did some very minor stamping on my white strip.  I am discovering that to me a page just doesn't feel quite finished until I have done some stamping!

Close up of some of that layering!  I punched many, many of those arrows and layered and glued them one on top of another to give the page some texture.

Top half!  More layering.  Lots going on here, but the colors play very well together, so it doesn't feel too busy.

I used some cute gold stickers for the title.  I was concerned about them sticking it out for the long haul though, so ran them through my sewing machine.  Those little guys aren't going anywhere now.  I like the contrast of the gold in the title and the pinks and greens.  I wanted to keep the feel of the page nice and soft.

Here is the finished page one more time.  I love this picture of my sweet oldest daughter and am really happy with how this paged turned out!  She is all grown up now and raising a little one of her own.  Time sure does fly.  

One more page down!!  I am really excited to be making scrappy progress!  Each page gets me closer to my goal.  Wooo hooo!

Little bit of weekend left, so I am going to close the door on my craft room (you know to hide that mess! LOL) and get some things done around the house.

I love that you stopped by to visit and want you to know that I appreciate you!  Enjoy the rest of the weekend!  I will be back soonest with more to share!

Friday, June 21, 2019

Mommy and me!

Hello, hello and happy Friday to you!  Almost time for the weekend!!  Anyone doing anything extra fun?  I have a full weekend planned, but hope to find the time to work on a few scrapbook pages.  I am having so much fun scrapping again!  My craft room looks like a snow globe that someone shook and shook and shook, but honestly I don't care!  I have pictures strewn every where and piles and piles of paper taking over!  I have embellishments splayed out all over all of the flat surfaces!  My sewing machine is out and my Cricut is plugged in and ready to go!  Normally a mess like that would make my left eyebrow twitch, but lately it just feels like a well loved and used work space!  Yay...go me!!

Guess what...I have another scrapbook page to share with you today!  Surprised?!  LOL  Probably not, huh?  Ok, let's get to it:

Today's page is all about my gorgeous oldest grand kiddo and her gorgeous Mommy!  (One of my very sweet daughters-in-law)  Aren't these pictures just adorable?  I knew as soon as my DIL sent them to me that they would make a super fun page.  They were goofing around with some camera filters and these were the result.  I just love them!

I wanted a nice feminine Springy looking background so I dug out some flower-y papers and matching embellishments.  I started with a piece of white card stock and stamped the background with two small flower stamps.  I like to add little things like that to fill in some of the empty space.  I started by creating a border strip made up of 3 different layers.  I used a border punch on the pink and embossed the white strip with polka dots.

I decided that rather than go with a large title that I would stamp a small sentiment and layer it up!  I added a butterfly (double layered and held together by a staple!) and used fun foam to raise the whole thing up off the page.

I added some flowers and a couple of doilies.  I think doilies make every project feel softer and more delicate.

A few more flowers and another doily!

I matted the photos against a combination of white and different shades of pink and then layered the photos on top of each other.  I also drew in some lines on the bottom right for my journaling. Fun pictures, fun page! I cannot wait to get this page into my grand kiddos album!

I also wanted to share a fun tip with you!  If you want to use a piece of patterned paper that you really like as a background piece, but you would like to salvage some of it, you can cut out the center and just use the outside frame!  Here is the back of my page.  I kept that center for a whole other project. 

Here is today's page one more time:

Hope that you will be able to find some time this weekend to get your scrapbook on!  It is good for the soul!  

Thank you so much for stopping by!  I will see you again soon!  I have lots more to share with you.  Have a great day and happy scrapping!

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Ah, that sweet toothless grin!

Well, hello there!  Hope that your week has gone well!  It is just about time to gear up for the weekend!   Got any big plans?!  Going to do any scrapping?  I am still eyebrow deep in organizing my printed photos.  I have them all divided into people categories now and am attempting to get 1 person's box sorted by theme and then age order a day.  It is a huge job!!  I know it will make scrapping so much easier though once it is done!  One day at a time, one photo at a time!

On another note,  I found a little time to finish up a scrapbook page today that I started yesterday.  I must admit that it feels pretty great to be getting these pages done and in albums (even if I am slower than molasses on cool day!).  Here is my most recent page:

 I had so much fun making this page!  I feel like I say that every time! LOL  This one just kind of flowed out of my creative head space though and went right together!  I wanted a nice soft feel for the page, so I kept my colors mostly pastel with a little bit of darker green for some contrast.  I wanted a pretty background, but these pictures are definitely the star of the show and I didn't want to detract from them.  If you look closely, you can see the circle flower wreath in the background.  I used my Cricut to cut out most of these pieces, but then went back and added a few extra flowers and leaves.  I mounted my white base onto a soft green background and distressed all four sides.  I added a torn strip to the left hand edge and a small single matching strip of paper next to it to break up some of the white space.  I also used that same patterned paper to mat my stamped sentiment next to the photos.  I stamped the background with a splatter stamp in a light brown that matches a few of the little twiggy looking sprigs that I tucked in and around the wreath.  The pictures are the same, but I popped the smaller one up using fun foam to make it stand out just a little bit. I added three butterflies diagonally across the page to give the feeling of flow.  I raised their wings and also curled up the petal of my daisies for some texture.

Here is a close up of that sentiment.  I ruffled the edges of it too to match the background piece.

Here are a couple of those butterflies and you can see the stamped splatter here too.

The bottom corner shows the last butterfly and my torn edge and matching stripe.  Lots of little details going on here, but I think that adds so much visual interest and fun to a page!

Ok, how'd I do that?! 

I started by using a plate and drew a circle on my background piece.  (Sorry about the stinky lighting.  It is overcast and about to rain here...again!)  

I poked a hole in the center and carefully cut out the circle.

I cut all of these out using my Cricut and then using the pieces they came from as a template I pieced them all back together puzzle style around the hole I just cut out!

Then I mounted the whole white piece onto that fun green piece.  This is where I added the extra flowers, sprigs, and butterflies!!  Just kind of layered and built the page from there.

Here is the completed page one last time.  I left some journaling lines in the bottom right hand corner for my notes and then this will be all done and ready to add to the album!

Have I mentioned lately how much I am enjoying scrapbooking again?  It is bringing back so many wonderful memories and I am feeling very good about getting all of these pictures in albums and stories documented!  This is important stuff!  If you are considering starting I would highly recommend it!  If you are looking for some inspiration we would love to have you join our Facebook group.  You can find that here:

Have a great day and go make some memories!!  I will be back soonest with lots more to share!  

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Pinewood Derby fun!

Hello there!  Do you have any scouts in your family?  I have 4 children and both of my boys were Cub Scouts!  I was our local chapter's Cub Scout Pack leader for several years.  I also have 2 girls that were honorary scouts! They participated right along with our boys and it was really a family affair! We did all sorts of fun things! One of those things was the Pine Wood Derby race!  Every year we would set up the giant track and all make our cars and spend the whole day racing those little wooden guys!   These pages are from my youngest son's first Derby.  He was a Tiger Cub at the time!

 I went with the traditional Cub Scout colors for my color theme.  I included a checkered flag pattern on both sides of my layout and then embossed what looked to me like tire tracks on the yellow panels!   I stamped the page background with some yellow plus signs to fill in some of the white space.  I included blue and yellow stars and made a checkered flag banner to run along the top of the pages! I sewed them in place using my sewing machine.

I used my Cricut to create the car, flags and PineWood Derby embellishments. I made a couple of start and finish flags for the sides using an alphabet die cut set that I have. 

Here is a closeup of the Derby embellishment.  Lots of layers and lots of fiddly little bits, but so worth it! 

Close up of the flags and the car!  My son's car was blue and orange, so this was perfect!

The starting flag..."Racer's staaaaaart your engines!!"

The Finish flag!!  I glued the letters in place and distressed the edges of the flags. Then I sponged the edges to grungy them up a bit.

Here are the checkered flag banners that I made.  I used a triangle punch and then sewed them all in place.

Here are both pages together!  I left lines and a space along the bottom to add my journaling. This kid was the cutest little Tiger Cub ever!  It brings back so many fun memories to scrap these pages!  This sweet Tiger Cub is all grown up now and raising a little tiger of his own!  This is good stuff!  Have you done any scrapping lately?  

If you are looking for some extra inspiration I would love to have you join my new FaceBook group! Come on by and check us out! There are games and challenges and lots of fun sharing!

Ok, I have a bazillion things to do today, but wanted to share these pages with you! Hope to see you back here soonest!   Big hug and happy scrapping!


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Let's start at the beginning and some photo organization!

Well, hello there!  Are you swimming in photos up to your eyebrows?!  I have been feeling lately like I am and knew that the only shot I had at getting these scrapbooks going was to start to get my photos all organized!  So, I gathered a bunch of baskets and labeled each one and started going through my printed photos box by box by box!  It literally took me all day long to get them sorted, but I did it!!  Phew!!   Now that they are all in their respective boxes I plan to go through each box and group them together by event and then attempt to get them into a chronological order.  That way when I am ready to scrap everything will be together and ready to hit the pages!

This is what my basket sorting system looked like!  I am feeling pretty good about this so far, but will feel even better once the project is caught up! This doesn't, however, even touch all the non-printed photos I have on my phone, laptop, and  misc hard drives etc.  One project at a time, one project at a time, one pro....  LOLOL

I did make a little time today to work on a few pages!  These are the beginning pages in my oldest kiddo's album.  They are more about the stuff I collected though and are very light on the pictures.  I felt kind of limited with what I could do with them creatively, but still felt like they were important and wanted to include them.

This includes a certificate from the hospital the day he was born and this was our very first family picture! I gained 70 pounds with that little guy (I was a house!!), but couldn't have been any happier than when I first laid eyes on him!!  My entire world flipped upside down that very minute and I knew right then and there that he had just made the world a better place by being in it and me a better person for having him!  I also saved my hospital bracelet and added that to this page.  

I stamped polka dots in the background and sewed along the banner at the top and the strip on the side.  I went with the traditional soft yellow and blue color scheme.  I matted the photo and raised it up using fun foam.

This is the other half of the spread.  It includes the note from his hospital bassinet, the announcement we sent out, a strip from my contraction sheet, the cards that came with the flowers our parents gave to us and an announcement that went into a newsletter.  Same color scheme, polka dots and sewing.

The sweet baby in that picture will be 30 next year!!  Time goes by so fast.  Seems like we were just watching him take his first steps and now he has a beautiful child of his own!  

I am really excited to be scrapping all of these wonderful  memories!  How are your scrapbooks coming along?  Hope you are taking that walk down memory lane too!  

Have a great day! I will be back soonest with lots more to share!

Monday, June 10, 2019

Make it again Monday!

Hello, hello!  Hope your Monday is treating you well!  I thought I would stop by and share my Make it again Monday page with you!  If you are new here, MIAM is the day that I choose a page from an old album and give it a modern updating!  Just for the record, I do realize that I am making it a gazillion times harder on myself to catch up, but I am having so much fun updating these pages!  I am feeling excited about scrapbooking again and look forward to getting my albums all in order!  It feels pretty amazing to be getting my pictures in albums and the stories that go with them told!  My page today is from my oldest son's album and I am the first one to admit that it was kind of nutty originally!   Just take a look at the old page: 

When I sat down to re-do this page I wanted to kick myself!!  I cannot believe that I cut the ONLY set of these pictures that exist into A) shapes and B) with border scissors!!  AUGH!!!  What was I thinking?!! I am sure that at the time it was a great idea...you know all the rage...but upon reflection I just really want to thump myself in the forehead!! LOL    Honestly, it bothers me the most because I feel like I lost a lot of details about the pictures because I cut so much away! PLEASE don't get me wrong!  I am NOT  saying that there is anything wrong with shaping your photos or using the fun border scissors!!  I am by no means criticizing the old page.  I just feel like my style has changed a lot over the years and I really want my albums to reflect that.

On to the new page:

 I wanted to keep and re-use all of the photos from the original page, but I wanted to clean them up first.  I gently pried everything up from the original page and cut off all of the borders leaving behind a nice rounded edge.  I was able to keep the circle shape for most of them, but cut ovals from the heart photos.  I also wanted to lighten up the photos some, so I matted each one against a piece of white card stock.  That helps to make them look brighter and makes them look more grounded and less like they are just floating in space.

Here they are side by side:

I gave the new page a border and filled most of the white space up with color.  I went with a nice traditional baby boy color scheme and traded out the clown for a sweet little teddy bear!

Here is that sweet teddy bear!  I raised him up using fun foam and tucked a little banner with my son's age on it underneath him. You can also see some of the layers I used here.  Using my machine I sewed around the large yellow piece.  I also embossed the light blue piece of card stock that is running across the whole page.  All of these things add lots of fun visual interest to the page.  

Here are more of the layers that I used on the side.  I also stamped polka dots on both the yellow piece of card stock and the blue one.

I created my own embellishment by layering scraps!

I made a running chain using all of the pictures.  I raised a few of them up to give the page some more dimension.

I am really happy with the way this new and updated page turned out!  Fun, fun, fun!

Have you scrapped anything lately?  Today would be a perfect day for it!  If you are feeling overwhelmed by the whole process or only have a teeny bit of time, start slow!  Pick your pictures today and a few pieces of paper!  Tomorrow you can add to it and so on until you have created a whole page!  It took me almost 3 solid weeks to make my first page once I started back!!  I just worked on it when I felt inspired or had the time.  Then I finished and that felt great!!  One page done and on to the next!!

I have started a Facebook page to offer all sorts of inspiration.  If you would like to check it out, click the link below:

We would love to have you join us!

Ok, I am off to scrounge up some dinner!  Have a great day and I will see you back here soonest!

Friday, June 7, 2019

Play day with this guy!

Hello there!  Is it raining where you are today?  It has been gray and cloudy and rainy here all day long.  Perfect weather for the ducks and to make a scrapbook page or two!  Since I am neither a duck or a duck owner I decided to take advantage of that second thing!  I have been working on one scrapbook page all day long!  Today's page features another of my adorable grand kiddos! I am lucky enough to get to have a full day's worth of play date with this handsome little fellow at least once a week.  I snapped these cute photos on our most recent play date.  This sweet little guy is such a serious little baby!  You have to work kind of hard to get him to crack a smile, but man oh man when he does...I am a goner!!   He is such a sweet baby.  Take a look:

Is he not just adorable?!  He just melts me! Ok, on to the details!  I went with a very traditional yellow, blue and white baby boy color scheme.  I did a little bit of stamping in the background of both the large white piece of card stock and the blue one.   I matted all of my photos against white card stock.  I wanted to carry the yellow throughout so I used it in lots of spots.  I used my Cricut to cut out and piece together that cute little baby and his teddy bear.  I decided to mix it up with my photos. I absolutely love the look of a black and white picture. This one was so cute in color though, so I compromised!

Here is a closer look at the baby that I pieced together and his little sidekick. I find that it takes a lot of time to make these,  but I think it is so worth it.  They really just add that little something extra to a page.  I also used a border punch and created a lace looking border that I tucked under each side of the blue card stock.

I made a little banner embellishment by layering several banner pieces and then sewed through them for a little bit of extra visual detail.  I used layered circles to create a journaling spot and added little polka dots to each scallop. I added a few yellow hearts to tie everything together. 

I created a title using some Thickers from my stash.  They are puffy so add a little extra dimension.  I roughed up the edges of my card stock for even more dimension.

I really enjoyed making this page!  That baby's sweet smile kept me grinning the whole time!

Any plans of getting your scrap on this weekend?  If you are looking for some inspiration, I'd love to have you join my FB group. It is a fun place to meet other scrappers and dish about your pages!  You can share pictures of your work there or play the games or do the challenges!!  Click  here to join:

I am off to clean up my scrapping mess!  It kind of looks like someone picked up my room and shook it like a snow globe in there! LOL

Have a wonderful day!